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TEXTURES-2-GO Preview textures are free for non-commercial use. Copyright to the textures remains with the author. If you'd like to use these textures commercialy then please email. See our FAQ and License page for usage restrictions. If you download please visit our sponsor's links to help fund us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these textures for free?

Yes, the textures can be used for free, non commercially, in 2D or 3D computer graphics, movies, printed media, computer games and 3D models. You are not allowed to use the free textures commercially. When you purchase the license to a texture you get access to a much higher resolution version (often up to 2048 x 2048) as well as the rights to use it commercially in a wide range of projects. You're not permitted to distribute the texture itself, or as part of a 3D model or scene.


Is there anything we can do in return for these great textures?
It's entirely optional but it would help to fund the site if, when you've finished downloading any free files, you visited some of our sponsors links on either side of all the pages. The more revenue we generate from sponsors the more textures we can add in the future - helping the 3D gaming and mod communities.


What am I not allowed to do with the textures?
You are not allowed to bundle the textures (free or purchased) with your 3D model or scene and sell it as a package. You are not allowed to sell or redistribute the textures as a competing product, not even when you modify the images. So don't redistribute or sell textures by itself, as texture packs or as scrapbooking packs. If others want the textures, then direct them to this site so they're aware of the conditions of use.

Do I need to pay royalties when I use the textures?
No, T2G is not like a stock photography site. Preview Textures can be downloaded for free and used non commercially.

I want to use a texture at a higher resolution, do you have more detailed versions of these textures?
Yes, the free preview images on the site are mostly at 128x128, some are higher and can be accessed by clicking on the image. When you purchase a license to use commercially you gain access to a much higher res version, often 2048 x 2048, 1024 x 1024 or 512 x 512.


Do I need to add credits or a link to this website when I use these textures?
Credits or a link are always appreciated, but not necessary. We'd rather you visited some of our sponsors :)

Can I use purchased textures in printed media?
Yes, you are free to use purchased textures in any printed media such as magazines, books, advertisements, flyers.

Can I use purchased textures to make a (commercial) computer game?

Yes (with the exception of Open Source projects, see below).

I've used the textures (free or purchased) on a 3D model/scene. Am I allowed to sell the model/scene and textures as a bundle?
No, even if you have customized the textures for the 3D model or scene and you are selling the model and texture in one package.

I've used some of the textures to create a map for a computer game. Can I distribute this map?
No, see above.

Can I put some of your textures on my own website?
Redistribution of the textures by itself is not allowed. Please keep the textures in one place (this site). That way everybody knows where they come from and what the license terms are.

Can I create a texture pack with these textures and sell it on TurboSquid/Cornucopia/Second Life?
No, you are not allowed to sell or distribute textures created with these images. To make this extra clear: modified or not, redistributing or selling images as a competing product (textures, model, level or map) is not allowed.
This is a very common clause in the license agreement of almost every texture and stock photography website. If you want to make money selling texture packs or scrapbooking elements the only way is to get a camera and photograph your own textures.

Do these textures fall under an Open Source license?
No. These textures fall under the T2GLicense.

Can I use these textures in my Open Source (Creative Commons, GPL, etc) project?
No, unfortunately the textures cannot be used in Open Source projects because the licenses are not compatible. Allmost all Open Source licenses allow redistribution of the materials, which is not allowed for these textures.

I want to create and sell scrapbooking papers or elements, can I use your textures?
No, scrapbooking papers and elements also fall under the redistribution/resale clause.

But I've spent hours extracting this texture from it's background, surely I can sell it now that I have made such huge modifications to it?
No, even when you modify the images you are not allowed to sell it. Allowing this would open the door to abuse, since it is too hard to define what would be an adequate modification.

You say mass downloading is not allowed, but what do you mean by mass downloading?
By mass downloading we mean attempting to download the whole website including all thumbnails and html files to your hard drive. This not only uses up a lot of bandwidth, but because you access so many pages at the same time it makes the site slower for everybody. Anybody trying to mass download will get his/her IP banned automatically.

How does the quota work, is it daily, monthly or permanent?
The quota system looks at how much you have downloaded in the last 24 hours, there is no daily reset at a certain time. If you have downloaded more than 5MB, then you are out of quota and cannot download any more.

I didn't download anything today, but the site says I have already used my quota - this could be two things:
- you have been downloading yesterday. Since this is within the last 24 hours your downloads from yesterday still count.
- you share your IP address (your internet connection) with somebody else who has been downloading.

Do members have access to more textures?
No, everybody can download the same textures. Members do have access to larger versions of some special textures.

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