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TEXTURES-2-GO Preview textures are free for non-commercial use. Copyright to the textures remains with the author. If you'd like to use these textures commercialy then please email. See our FAQ and License page for usage restrictions. If you download please visit our sponsor's links to help fund us.

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New Stock 3D Models

Detailed City 2012

3D Game Simulation City


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Contract Vehicle Leasing

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New Additions

February 2009 - Added 4 new free 3D models to blueprints section

January 2009 - Lots more coming soon

November First 3D models added. Look out for the '3D Model' link after some Blueprint entries.

6th November Added more Blueprints to our WW2 Armour section

3rd November Some new assets added to the Blueprints page.

31st October Two new male face textures - ready for mapping onto a mesh for an instant high quality game model.

22nd October Added more content to the Blueprints page.

17th October First aircraft, helicopters and tanks added to the Blueprints page.

15th October All first batch textures online. Be sure to let us know what you'd like to see added in future.

14th October 2008 Vehicle page added

13th October 2008 Clothing page added.

11th October 2008 License and FAQ pages added.

9th October 2008 Site goes live!

8th October 2008 First 8 Building textures added

7th October 2008 Character head and face textures added (8)

Textures for Games, Simulations and other Real-Time Applications

We're often asked, 'what is the best 2D file format to supply with 3D models for modern game engines?'

While there's no simple and short answer to this, as many 3D systems use their own proprietary formats, we find that .bmp format offers the best all-round compromise solution when transferring 3D data. BMP format files can be read by almost everyone with any sort of desktop computer. They contain no compression, so there's no risk of a 'lossy' image. File sizes are a known constant, for 24bit images in a given resolution. Only real downsides is that there's no scope for an alpha channel in a .bmp, so any alpha's need to be a separate image. Sticking to a 8.3 name convention for the alpha can be tricky (for use with .3ds format files) but it is possible with careful filename selection.

As mentioned above, since many 3D systems use their own image formats (Gamebryo, HLSource etc.) some conversion is bound to need to take place anyway. With this in mind .bmp format offers the best go-between image format for use with 3D models.

All the high resolution commercially licensed versions of our textures are supplied in .bmp format, usually in 'powers-of-two' formats (256x256, 512x512 etc.) The free, lower resolution versions you can grab from the preview pages come in .jpg format - another reason to purchase the licensed version.