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South China Sea Man-Made Island

South China Sea man-made island naval base 3D model. Island is approximately 2.1km squared. Based on Woody Island in the Paracel chain in the South China Sea ("Yongxing" to the Chinese, and "Phu Lam" to the Vietnamese.) The island is controlled by the Chinese military, but also claimed by Vietnam and Taiwan. SAM and anti-ship missiles have been moved to the island in 2017. The 2.7km runway on the island is capable of landing 4th generation military jets.

This asset makes an ideal accompaniment to our range of Chinese ships and aircraft.

Texture Res: Island terrain texture at 6k x 6k. Generic concrete and forest textures at 512 and 256 square respectively. 3DSMax version contains procedural ocean surface, and render set-up (lights and cameras).

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Arleigh Burke FlightIII Destroyer 3D Model

Arleigh Burke Class Flight III Destroyer, DDG-125 'USS Jack H. Lucas' of the US Navy. This model has passed the Turbosquid 'Checkmate Pro' and 'Stemcell' standards. Model uses single 4096 square diffuse texture, plus similar resolution specular, gloss and normal maps. Part of a huge related collection available from ES3DStudios. A full set of PBR textures are also available for this model.

All renders created with the 3ds Max mental ray renderer. Texture Res: Single 4096 square diffuse, specular, glossiness and normal maps. Extra PBR maps include metallic, roughness, albedo and AO.

Native format is 3ds Max 2017. No 3rd party plugins required. Please note: textures are included only in the 3ds Max archive (download this file with whatever format you require).

LODs are available for this model (25% poly count, not included). This model is not intended for subdivision. Light rig not included. Built to real world scale. Units used are meters. Ocean environment no included.

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