3D Commissions

ES3DStudios is highly experienced at managing large scale content creation projects. From individual models to whole outsourcing solutions, we can help you hit your deadlines.

We specialise in quality solutions at an affordable price. Don't require the copyright to the models you need? We're always happy to quote for 'retained' copyright work, where we keep the rights and license you to use the work in the way you want to. Why pay for full rights buy-out if you don't need it?


Technical Specification

If you already know how you need your models to perform we can work to your specification. If you're unsure of the poly count or texture resolution for your data we're happy to discuse the options. Depending on your final use for the models our experience can help find the best solution for you.


3D Delivery Format

What software will you be loading the data into? We can convert to all the most popular 3D file formats. Years of experience in file conversion helps us to provide hassle free models avoiding many of the pitfalls of generic conversion solutions.


License Type

Please take a look at our License Info page. Here you'll find a breakdown of the basic licensing options we offer. If one of these fits your needs then let us know. If you're not sure which you'd require then we'd be happy to help out. Custom licenses can be created to cover all projects and pipelines.



Years of experience of working with a diverse range of clients has taught us that communication is key to meeting our customers needs. ES3DStudios can create 3D data to your exact specifications, tailor sets of existing models to cover your project's requirements, and even help you earn from data you already have

We're always happy to discuse any issues you might have.   Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Ground Systems

Cougar MRAP


Military Base Infrastructure

M1126 Stryker APC

M60A3 Main Battle Tank

T-90A Russian Tank

Infantry Foxhole

M1083 Utility Truck


F-22A Raptor USAF

F-16C ROK Air Force

GR.9 Harrier RAF

B1B Lancer Strategic Bomber

B-52H Stratofortress Bomber


MIG-29 Fulcrum Collection

Gulfstream G550 Private Jet


UH-60L Blackhawk

AH-1W Cobra Gunship

AW159 Wildcat

MH-47G Chinook

AW101 Merlin HC.3A

NH90 German Navy

Fennec Utility Helicopter

Z-11W Light Attack


Type054A Jiangjai Destroyer PLAN

Virginia Class Nuclear Attack Submarine

Pyotr Velikiy Class Battle Cruiser

Gremyashchy Class Corvette

Type052 Luhu Class Frigate PLAN

Type 23 Duke Class Frigate RN

Zeven Provincian Class Frigate

Boris Chilikin Class Fleet Oiler


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