Free Resources

Items listed on this page are free for non-commercial use. If you'd like to use them commercially then let us know and we can supply terms. We also request that the data is not further distributed without our permission. Feel free to link to this page and we will reciprocate.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch. We're always happy to answer your questions.


4.7 Mb DivX Codec AVI

Free 3D Terrain Landscape

Free M1 tank 3d model

Arab Metropolis Stage01 Preview Animation

Animated fly-by of the commercially available 'Arab Metro St01' real-time ready set. Please Note: Some extra vehicles in the video do not come as part of this set.

Free Texture Pack

Urban Texture Pack 01 Sampler

High resolution texture sampler. Four quality textures from our 'Urban Texture Pack 01'. Full size textures available commercially. This free sample provided at half size.

New York State Terrain Sampler

Section of the Hudson Valley in New York State. Includes Long Island and Manhattan. High detail 3D terrain model.


6.4 Mb Quicktime MOV


3.8 Mb 3DSMax


4.7 Mb .BMP


5.9 Mb .FBX


5.3 Mb .OBJ

Arab City Preview animation

Free 3D Models for Links

Like extra free 3D content for games or sims? Add a link to and we'll send you a free low poly model from our simulation set. Contact Us with your web details and we'll email you a model of your choice.


2.0 Mb 3DSMax


1.4 Mb .3DS

Free 3d model vehicles for games or sims


2.7Mb Maya

M1A1 Main Battle Tank

Advanced gas-turbine engined MBT in service with the US Army and Marine Corps. This is a high-poly model. Contact us for details of our 'Game-Ready' M1's.

Free game textures

Free Character Animation Previews

We have a number of free to download character animation preview AVI's. The .bip format Character Studio animation files are available for all 3DSMax format characters. Email for more details.

New Free Texture Site

A large and growing collection of free CGI/game-ready textures, as used on many ES3D models. High res textures can be purchased individually or in collections. Many lower-res preview textures are available free. Excellent resource for modellers and artists. Site is funded by sponsorship, so please make use of the links. T2G

Free Character animation avi