9 part military model collection. Rigged and animated in Character Studio for 3DSMax, pre-posed in 3DS, LWO, FBX, Maya and other formats. Suitable for pre-rendering, 'Next-Gen' games and simulations.

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US Army/Terrorist Model Set

High detail USArmy/Marine/Insurgent model collection. New 'Iraq pattern' digital camo ACU included. Rational poly-count makes this set suitable for 'next-generation' games. Very high level of detail also suitable for high-end render work. Many 3D formats also avaialble. Max version is rigged and animated. Other formats come in 'T-Pose'.

Set consists of;

4 Middle Eastern Insurgent character models, plus weapons
1st Infantry Division (Grey ACU, RAV body armour, NVG)
2nd Infantry Division (ACU, Interceptor body armour)
US Rangers 75th Infantry Regiment ( 3 colour BDU)

101st Airborne Trooper (Desert 3 colour BDU)
USMC Rifleman (MARPAT Digital camo)
M16A2 Rifle & M16A1 Rifle
M4A2 Carbine
M203 Grenade Launcher
Glock 9mm Handgun
AN/PVS-7 NightVisionGoggles

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Technical Information

Available pre-rigged and animated in 3DSMax Character Studio. Available in default 'T-pose' in Maya, Lightwave, FBX, OBJ, XSI,FLT, X, 3DS and many other formats. Ask for details.

73,330 Polys, 49,400 Verts, BMP texts in power of 2 res.